The Incubator Project

The AEPJ Incubator Project is a 3 year program. A center for development of Jewish Heritage Routes: Cultural, educational, heritage and tourism cooperation projects with a transnational importance and significance.

The AEPJ Incubator serves as the tool for channeling support, training, consulting, mentoring and assistance for institutions and associations that are developing this type of projects, as well as for those who want to develop a project from scratch. It will also serve as a tool to explore possible collaborations between participants, as well as the creation of new projects in collaboration between different organisations.

Our goal is to serve as an organisational umbrella to promote, train and help develop unique and excellent Jewish cultural routes and programs around Europe. Also, to create a community and network among the managers of these Jewish cultural programs to help develop their projects, offering training in the realm of cultural tourism, and to exchange good practices and to promote the development of transnational programs.

The Routes represent a window to discover the history and the Jewish presence in Europe. Jewish heritage as an integral part of European history and culture. It is a story of migrations, persecutions and precariousness; but also of exchanges, humanity and an abundance of mutual enrichment and co-creation. It is an extraordinary story, and there has been a growing recognition of its importance reflected by a growing interest of exploring it.

The projects that are approved by the scientific committee will be integrated into the European Route of Jewish Heritage of the Council of Europe, and will be monitored for three years, during which the incubator lasts.

The AEPJ Incubator Project will offer to all participants:

  • Training

    Training on global, national, regional and local issues

    Participants will receive training on global, national, regional and local issues concerning the development of cultural tourism projects, Jewish heritage, sustainable development projects, co-creation, Faro convention, community/citizens’ participation and other key issues for the development of their projects.

  • Mentor

    Mentor from the scientific committee

    Each of the participants will be assigned a mentor from the scientific committee who will follow up on their work during the Incubator Project and assist them in planning a specific action plan for their project. Participating in the AEPJ Incubator Project will also give opportunity for on-going assistance when members need ad-hoc consulting on specific issues.

Đurđevića-Tara-Bridge, Montenegro

European Route of Jewish Heritage

The AEPJ Incubator Project aims to develop the European Route of Jewish Heritage, within the framework of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe.

The projects approved by the scientific committee will form the European Route of Jewish Heritage as a whole and will be integrated into the Council of Europe programme.

The programme of the Incubator is directed by the staff and the scientific committee of the AEPJ, which will be responsible for certification, evaluation and assistance for all those who wish to be part of the European Route of Jewish Heritage.

Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe

The Cultural Routes programme was launched by the Council of Europe in 1987 with the Declaration of Santiago de Compostela.

Over 31 Cultural Routes in 2018, of the Council of Europe provide a wealth of leisure and educational activities for all citizens across Europe and beyond and are key resources for responsible tourism and sustainable development. They cover a range of different themes, from architecture and landscape to religious influences, from gastronomy and intangible heritage to the major figures of Euro-pean art, music and literature.

The certification “Cultural Route of the Council of Europe” is a guarantee of excellence. The networks implement innovative activities and projects pertaining to five main priority fields of action: co-operation in research and development; enhancement of memory, history and European heritage; cultural and educational exchanges for young Europeans; contemporary cultural and artistic practice; cultural tourism and sustainable cultural development.

Through its program, the Council of Europe offers a model for transnational cultural and tourism management and allows synergies between national, regional and local authorities and a wide range of associations and socio-economic actors.



Please contact us at culturalroutes@jewisheritage.org