Latest news on the Jewish Heritage Route of Bosnia Herzegovina

The Haggadah Association leads the European Cultural Route, promoting Jewish culture and tradition in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the end of last February, the AEPJ director Victor Sorenssen traveled to Sarajevo to meet with the Haggadah Association, members of the AEPJ. This institution, led by Dr. Eli Tauber, does a fantastic job in the development of Jewish heritage projects. Based in Sarajevo, Eli and his team are building the Jewish Heritage Route of Bosnia Herzegovina, which in addition to offering itineraries through Sarajevo and other cities, carry out all kinds of cultural activities, research projects and participation in interfaith forums. The director of the AEPJ saw firsthand the rich and exciting Jewish heritage of Sarajevo, which includes synagogues, a museum, the famous Haggadah of Sarajevo and a cemetery (designated national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina), among others. The working meetings with Dr. Eli and Mirjam Tauber served to work on different future projects in the AEPJ, and above all, to discuss the project of the Jewish Heritage Routes of the Council of Europe. Congratulations to the Haggadah Association for their fantastic work!

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