NOA Project. Call for Experts: Multicultural Dialogue

Call for Thematic Experts: multicultural dialogue facilitators (2)

In the context of the European project NOA - Networks Overcoming Antisemitism ( the AEPJ ( calls for thematic experts in facilitating multicultural dialogue (2).

In direct response to the Council's Declaration for Member States to adopt a holistic strategy to prevent and fight antisemitism, the NOA project will provide a mechanism to support Member States in the development and implementation of national action plans and provide a wealth of socio-cultural educational resources that can reverse the tide of antisemitic attitudes. Only through such a hand-in-hand approach that marries policy and practice, security and education, transnational and national actions can positive results be achieved in reducing the prevalence and impact of antisemitism in Europe.

On socio-cultural activities level, the objective is to diffuse positive narratives through socio-cultural educational activities including cultural festivals, school-based programmes, film and social media campaigns using new resources and scaling up existing good practice. Between 15,000-150,000 people will be reached through offline activities and between 4 - 15 million through weekly social media campaigns.

The AEPJ, through the Festival of the European Days of Jewish Culture will be in charge of organizing a month of celebrating Jewish cultural heritage across Europe in September 2021 that will focus on the theme of "multicultural dialogue" as method and purpose, potentially reaching 150,000 people, through socio-cultural educational activities in up to 400 cities across Europe, reaching a broad audience offline.

Multicultural dialogue facilitators will be responsible for training National Coordinators through workshops and documents, who will in turn pass on the knowledge acquired to those responsible for organising each activity during the European Days of Jewish Culture 2021. They will also supervise the implementation of these activities and will be available for consultancy by these National Coordinators.

A suitable candidate must have significant knowledge related to multicultural dialogue, group dynamics and activity facilitation as well as, ideally, previous knowledge or experience working with Jewish heritage institutions in Europe. It must have the capacity to work autonomously, the ability to communicate in public and the enthusiasm to bring the methodology of multicultural dialogue to the European institutions.

NOTE: it is essential that the thematic expert can issue an invoice from a European Union country.

Selected candidates may be asked to:

- Participate in the initial meeting of the Task Force Group at the start of November online - 2 half days.
- Participate in the monthly Task Force Group follow-up meetings online
- Participate and give multicultural dialogue workshops at the National Coordinators meeting between January and February in person (travel and accommodation covered by the programme) - 2 days.
- Preparation of the publication "Doing Dialogue" Guidelines. Downloadable 4-page publication in English.
- Availability for supervision and consultancy for the National Coordinators.

Start at the end of October 2020 - End at July 2021
Remuneration: 1.900,00 euros
Send CV and a cover letter to Federico Szarfer at
Deadline for applications 31/10/2020.

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