#MyParallelTraces project: Share your digital postcards of Jewish Heritage!

Are there Jewish Heritage sites close to your heart and memory? What are they? And what do they mean to you? With our new #MyParallelTraces campaign, launched in cooperation with Jewish Heritage Europe, we ask you to send us a virtual post card and let us know.

Travel may be difficult now; museums, exhibitions, and heritage sites are closed. But that doesn't mean we can't continue to rediscover and explore Jewish heritage throughout Europe - and #MyParallelTraces is an exciting, interactive platform to help do this. Even though we can't physically visit the places we hold dear, we can still engage with them - telling their stories and our own. It's easy and, we hope, fun.

Everyone likes to get postcards, and #MyParallelTraces lets you create, send and receive them online. We provide a fill-in form where you can post a picture of a Jewish heritage site and add both a brief explanation of its historical context and - importantly - a brief personal reflection on your own connection with that site. It can be a family connection, a historic connection, or a connection that is religious, urban, literary, or one rooted in memory, work, art, or - indeed - anything else. Think of it as a picture postcard with a printed caption and your own personal message you're sending to a friend or loved one.

The postcards we receive - with their photos and reflections - will be uploaded to our web site as a growing gallery: an open and pluralistic approach to Jewish heritage that offers a more personal perspective. It will provide space to interpret and reinterpret the heritage, and to ask ourselves about the meaning of each site - not just in the past, but also in the present and future.

Following the guidelines of The Council of Europe's Faro Convention, #MyParallelTraces is a new means of looking at heritage by reframing relations among stakeholders in a way that highlights the essential role of individuals and heritage communities alike. Jewish heritage is both a source and a resource, and everyone's opinion, interests and aspirations count. Including yours!

The #MyParallelTraces virtual mailbox is open - so fill in the form and send us your virtual postcards!

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