Dialogue experiences with Rashi through Champagne heritage

An initiative from CulturistiQ integrated to the Medieval Route of Rashi in Champagne (RMRC)

The brand-new Medieval Route of Rashi in Champagne, included in the Route of Jewish Heritage since 2019, faced some difficulties for local guides to seize the theme of "Rachi" for a touristic enhancement to the publics, especially because of its intangible and literary aspects.

Thanks to its expertise on the history of societies and religions, particularly the Jewish medieval heritage of Aube region, the cultural and touristic engineering agency, CulturistiQ cultural Lab, has created an original touristic offer on Rashi heritage since September 2020 to face this dilemma.

Opened to the large public, this specific touristic offer aims to value at the same time Jewish culture and history through the writings of Rachi and Tossafists, Champagne whole territory diversity and wealth and also the know-how of a diversity of partner sites: producers, museums, or local guides expertise.

The touristic offer is dedicated to both Jewish and non-Jewish visitors and wishes to cross the publics and it takes place as meetings, guided tours or workshops about a specific theme for a 1h30 to 2 hours experience, in a pedagogical and entertaining setting, for group up to 20 persons. Those experiences are built jointly by CulturistiQ and its partners: each partner presents the specificities of its work and heritage while CulturistiQ presents the same thematic through the point of view of Rashi and his disciples. As the writings of the Sages of Champagne are wonderful testimonies of daily life in the Middle Ages in Champagne, it is easy to transmit the local medieval way of life through their description of tools and technics, relationships between Jews and Christians, food, agriculture, nature and so on... All through the experience, CulturistiQ and its partners offer a dialogue between elements of local culture and Jewish local history and culture.

If you want to discover more about this new and stimulating offer, the engineering agency, CulturistiQ cultural Lab, will answer to all your questions.

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